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Thailand, in particular Bangkok, is a favourite international property investment destination due to low prices, strong and stable returns and a diverse range of property types available. Property prices in Thailand are a fraction of those in major markets, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai/ Beijing, Singapore, Sydney and the UK. Affordable prices provide investors with attractive rental yields between 5-7% in Bangkok.

Despite coups and other Thailand political evolutions making news headlines over the years, Thailand’s economy continues to grow. The Thai GDP (Gross Domestic Product) continues to grow in excess of 4%-6% consistently. Record numbers of tourists, visitors, especially Chinese tourists and investors contribute to the positive economic outlook.

More recently, the Thai government has committed to several major infrastructure projects and is promoting its Thailand 4.0 initiative that aims to boost foreign direct investment in the country through a modernization of industry. Work has started on a high-speed rail line (HSR) that will connect Thailand to China as part of the One Belt One Road initiative. This, alongside several domestic infrastructure projects, will make the country more attractive to foreign businesses. Once completed, no other ASEAN country will be able to boast the strategic connectivity of Thailand.

Real estate property investors are keen on Bangkok Thailand because it offers attractive rental yields and has good capital appreciation potential. For example, condo prices in Bangkok have increased in excess of 60% since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

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Are new offplan investment condominiums a good buy? What about completed projects or resale Bangkok properties? Which Bangkok condominiums are better buys for high property rental yields? Capital appreciation?

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泰国瑞麦地产为专业房产投资顾问。 我们提供给顾客选择的投资标包含曼谷各地, 为您打造投资方案。 泰国房地产相对价格低廉, 租金回报率高昂 (5%-7% 起跳), 以及拥有永久产权优势。 房价每年涨幅稳定。

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