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Property Management Service

Have properties in Bangkok which you’d like to manage from overseas? We are a full-fledged Thailand Bangkok property agency dual-headquartered in Singapore and Bangkok. We are your one stop consultants for property investors. We provide top notch services for property investment in Bangkok, which fall into three main categories: Market research, Project consultancy and Property management. Not only do we buy and sell properties for you, we also do property management, condominium rentals and also property maintenance, renovation and furniture furnishing. Reliable and trustworthy, we have many successes under our belt, and are dedicated in our service as consultants for the properties you have in mind. Property management is not just a business to us, but an art form which we have mastered, and we are ready to bring all our resources down to bear on helping you succeed in your international real estate investments.

Market Research:

Good market research is important in real estate.’s research team are dedicated to help property developers and investors monitor real estate trends through regular market reports and project updates. We can also customise research and analysis scopes that fit our clients’ business or investment needs.

Project Consultancy:

As specialists in Asia Thailand real estate markets, we assist developers and investors in selecting the ideal real estate projects for a specific market that they are keen to venture into. We also advise them on the best marketing practices and property packages that is conducive for better property investment returns.

Property Management:

Our’s leasing team comprises some of the best property agents in Bangkok Thailand, with a good eye for market trends and an impeccable sense of interior decor. We uphold the highest level of quality assurance for the properties under our care so that our clients make the best of their property assets.

Working closing with property investors: At, brand credibility and customer loyalty are paramount to us. That explains why we strive to enforce full transparency and accountability in our marketing and operational effort. This is also ingrained in our corporate ethos to bring confidence, knowledge and value to our customers and stakeholders. As proven professionals that are well versed in Asia real estate markets, our specialist team is able to help our customers fulfil their real estate investment needs by designing a real estate portfolio tailored to each customer’s risk appetite and key preferences. As our esteemed customers, you will be able to purview new and exciting projects at exclusive pre-launch events, or enhance your market knowledge in a particular region or market segment before you make any real estate decisions. Have a question in mind? Simply approach our onsite specialist team for clarification. We are happy to help you make the right decisions. offers a comprehensive range of services for our customers’ convenience:

 Vetting of Sale & Purchase Agreement

 Mortgage loan assistance

 Transfer of title deeds (TOP)

 Regular project updates

 Site Visits 

 Translation services 

There is a lot of competition for tenants in Bangkok. While rental yields are strong, landlords must be willing to invest efforts to make their Bangkok condominiums attractive. The right property interior decorations will add value to the properties and help maximise returns on real estate investments.

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