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Retire in Thailand

February 23, 2019

If you are reading this, chances are you are already sold on the idea of retiring in the “Land of Smiles”. Why here? Lower of cost of living – food, entertainment, transport, medical, etc. Better quality of life. Beautiful beaches. Great food. And for many who came and have never left, a key reason is the generally friendly bunch of people here.

Having considered your finances, what next before you plan your big move?

1) Getting a Visa (refer:

Retirement visa – 50 years old and above. Proof of meeting Financial Requirements (Thai Bank Account showing THB 800,000 balance or Monthly income (eg pension) of at least THB 65,000

Investor visa – any age. Proof of investing THB 10 million in (a) Thai bank deposits (b) government securities (c) properties i.e. condominiums (d) combination of (a), (b), (c)

2)    Where in Thailand to retire? If you wish to continue seeking professional work or business opportunities, Bangkok is likely the place to be. If you wish to chill, then chances are the northern provinces (lots of mountains) or stunning southern Thai beaches are where you want to be.

3)   Where to live after deciding on the province/city? If you are completely new to Thailand, it’s probably best to rent for a couple months first. Once you’ve settled, it makes sense to buy if you’re “here to stay”

4)   What are you waiting for?

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