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Most flooded areas in Bangkok through the years

February 23, 2019

Memories fade. Most people no longer remember the 2011 deadliest floods of Thailand and believe that they won’t be repeated ever again. Take a closer look and you’ll realise that through the years, the same low-lying areas in Bangkok get flooded yet over and over again. If you are a property investor, you certainly do not want your homes to be inundated with flood this time each year. Neither would your tenant (or prospective tenant) want to live in a flood-prone district. Check out below list for most flooded areas in Bangkok:

  1. Chatuchak
  2. Don Muang/Laksi
  3. Lad Phrao
  4. Suan Luang

For the past weeks this year, one of the worst flooded areas was the Lat Phrao intersection at Ratchadaphisek Road, where the floodwaters reached about 30 centimetres and seriously disrupted traffic.

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